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Family History

One of my enduring passions or addictions, depending on how one looks at it, is family history research. My principal surnames are Puente, Anorga, Stanley, Hood, Holston, Lindskog, Leonetti and Janson. If you have an interest in seeing the current stage of this effort then "have a look".

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During the course of my family history research I found that there were some members of my family who had led fascinating lives. Most were 19th century pioneers who made the most of the opportunities they found in the new world. Even if you are not related you may enjoy reading about the times in which they lived.

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Like most people these days I take far more pictures than I should simply because the digital revolution has made it so easy and inexpensive. I have culled through them and selected some that I think might have some broad appeal. I hope you enjoy "thumbing" through them.

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